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Why Boca?

Historically Boca Grande has been the destination of wealthy families and namesakes, beginning with Rockefeller, Carnegie, and duPont. 

Islanders pay a premium to live here because they love this lifestyle and what the area has to offer. Gasparilla Island has limits on building height and density. Our law is that maximum building height is limited to only 39 feet. The island is about 7 miles long and about a half mile wide, and remains free of congestion. There is a toll bridge to access the island from the mainland ($6.00).  We have white sandy beaches that feel like sugar on your feet and West coast sunsets, coupled with our warm tropical climate.  Islanders get around via golf cart or bicycle by choice on the bike path that runs the entire length of the island.  In fact, there are only 2 streets that you cannot use your golf cart on.  Boca Grande is one of the best tarpon fishing spots in the world due to the deep natural channel at the south end of the island and naturally rich estuary. We do not have any chain restaurants or shops - only signature botiques and classically trained chefs. We do have a premium Pete Dye golf course and three exclusive clubs on the island (,,  We also have more than 20 golf courses nearby off-island, with the top-rated courses within minutes of the causeway ( and 

Gasparilla Island is private, exclusive, and a retreat for those that want to experience tranquility in a low-key luxury setting.