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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Insulated Boca Grande

Boca Grande is a small township on Gasparilla Island. We are only 7 miles long and about a half mile wide. Building flourished here between the 1920's and 1970's with more pops of activity through the 90's and on into this decade.

Because the island has a finite amount of land available for building, and because we have limitations to the density and form of our structures, Gasparilla Island is running low on vacant land parcels.

This is good news.

While places like South Gulf Cove approach hundreds of vacant homes from overbuilding during the "boom time", our small island stands protected from vacancy. This is a second home destination for a majority of our owners, and across the island the homes remain occupied by renters when not in use by their owners. The island is easy to get to, yet quiet and private. It is an understated luxury lifestyle and an escape for many.

The uniqueness of this property draws people from around the world. It is this very concept that shelters Boca Grande from feeling the full force of deflating housing prices, and it is the reason that, as the rest of the economy gets revved up again, we will quickly regain our footing in the real estate market. Sales are already up more than 61% over last year's numbers and we are all anticipating a healthy and active 2011.

Kelly Reark, ABR, TRC, e-PRO
Licensed REALTOR in the State of Florida
Gasparilla Properties, Inc., Boca Grande

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