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Friday, July 16, 2010

It drives me nuts when...

Dear Friends,

It drives me nuts when you call me a "part-timer". I may only spend part of my time sitting in my chair behind the desk in my office, but I am FAR from being a part-timer. I work more than you know. In fact, I am NOT doing my job properly if all I am doing is sitting in a chair behind my desk in the office.

In a typical week, I spend a day with other agents from other companies and locations, networking and expanding the level of service I provide to you. I am participating in educational courses and community panel meetings. I am a member of the Board of Directors for our local board of REALTORS(R). I am involved with the arts in our community. I am working on a new painting, whose subject matter is that of the community I love. I take that inspiration and share it with prospective buyers. I am founding a new chapter of the Young Professionals Network to help those new to the business learn and expand their horizons. I am showing property and surveying properties on the market. I am making follow-up calls to prospective buyers or sellers. I am sending hundreds of e-mails to customers that have interest in Boca Grande. I am exercising and taking care of my health so that I have less down-time. I am writing contracts and following up with lenders and inspectors. I am publishing my websites. I am writing posts for the National Association of REALTORS(R) blog and my own. I am being interviewed by local newspapers and national magazines. I am...

In short, I AM BUSY BEING A REALTOR(R)! So the next time that you pop in, unexpected, and are shocked to not see me at my desk, be thankful. I am working to be a better agent for You. Make an appointment with me to see properties or just to have lunch. I always have time for you, dear friends.

Kelly Reark, Licensed REALTOR in the State of Florida
Gasparilla Properties, Inc., Boca Grande

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