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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil Spill Update

According to the Boca Grande Fire Department and reports they have received, there is a 10 percent or less chance of oil coming on shore here. The closest slick water is 150 miles northwest of here. Even so, Lee County has set aside 27,000 feet of boom for Boca Grande Pass and Charlotte Harbor. The thought is to have booms across Boca Grande Pass (2,000 feet wide) and Little Gasparilla Pass (about 1,500 feet wide). Beaches would be left for cleanup crews because it is "easier" to clean up tar from the beach than to try to prevent it from getting there. Authorities say that any oil that does come here would be in the form of tar balls or patties. Booms will have trouble keeping that type of oil debris out of the Harbor and our precious estuaries.

We are all on stand-by, hoping for BP to do the right thing and stop the oil that still flows from the broken vent. BP continues to cover up the facts. BP continues to run all operations while our government complains that they aren't working fast enough, when our government has the authority to light a fire under their asses if they choose to use it. BP has always had the means to bury the oil-gusher and yet they won't. Money and politics trump what should be a "no-brainer" decision to remedy this ecological disaster with utmost urgency.

Maybe it's best to not get me started on this one...

Our Boca Grande Fire Department is our "Oil Question Hotline" for residents in both Lee and Charlotte County. 941-964-2908

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