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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warming Up!

The warming trend continues...

Finally, our weathermen have come to an agreement that by Friday, we should be in a "Normal Florida Winter" pattern. Ring the bells! Thank goodness, I need to thaw out.

How do you cope with all that cold in the frozen north? Truly, it is beautiful to see a new snow fall and the trees decorated by nature. I appreciate it. Ice skating is a blast. I love to take the tube down a hill (with all the elementary-aged kids). However, there is a place for that sort of thing, and it is not in Florida!

In Florida it's all about warmth, sun, and spending time outdoors. As soon as I defrost my toes, I'm going fishing.

Kelly Reark, Licensed REALTOR in the State of Florida
Gasparilla Properties, Inc., Boca Grande

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